Safety & FAQs

COVID-19 Procedures

When aboard the Sailfish we take safety as our first priority. Most people find that when they are out on the water, masks don’t seem necessary. You have the choice to continue wearing a mask or letting your face feel the wind!

No a negative COVID-19 test is not required to board the Sailfish.  We do require you to acknowledge that you do not have symptoms that are defined by the CDC or been in contact with individuals who are COVID-19 positive.

We strive to keep our passengers healthy and safe while having a blast aboard the Sailfish. We go through a 3 stage sanitization process before and after each charter and do our best to only schedule 1 charter per day.

Weather Precautions

Your crew watches the weather very closely as your charter approaches. When inclement weather is imminent the Captain will make sure you are notified as soon as possible.

Booking your vacation on the Sailfish is a fantastic way to soak in nature and adventure. Weather is a constant consideration in our navigation plans. Your crew is continually monitoring all weather factors to ensure your safety as well as our sail. The Sailfish is equip with all things needed to make sure any weather is handled appropriately and comfortably.

Your crew does a great job of avoiding any undesirable weather. However, if rain starts during your charter, not to worry! Your spacious boat offers luxury amenities to protect you from the elements while the weather outside clears.

General Guest Safety

One of the best aspects of being on board a 40 foot catamaran is the stability. It makes for a comfortable safe ride. However, any children under the age of 14 are required by the coast guard to keep a life jacket on while underway unless they are in the salon or other areas inside the boat. Good news is that all kids absolutely love the spacious inside areas to play around when they feel like having a life jacket break. We do provide life jackets for all ages.

Your safety is our #1 goal while on board the Sailfish. Before leaving the dock we go over all safety measures and precautions. We are a stable vessel and are equip with lifelines around the boat as well as handles to hold when passengers are moving about.

Captain Matty is a retired nurse paramedic and boat mechanic so he is always on alert for any needs his passengers might have.

For the duration of your charter your crew will be watching over all those on board.

The Sailfish is a particularly safe boat for all ages. The stability and width allows passengers to move about comfortably and freely.

The crew keeps a very close eye on all those on board. Your captain takes precautions to avoid large wakes or take them as smoothy as possible, unless we have a group who is looking for that extra thrill.

Vessel Features & Accommodations

Sailfish is fully stocked to meet most of your needs. The galley is equip with all necessities for drinking, dining as well as cooking. Although for short charters most passengers choose to bring food items that do not need much prep. You will be provided space in the fridge/freezer although as it goes with boat life, the freezer doesn’t always keep items rock solid.

You will have access to private bunks which are stocked with fresh linens and towels.

The bathrooms have common items such as soaps, shampoos and washcloths. There is a nice private bathroom with a hot shower as well.

Included in the price are waters, ice, bubbly water, soft drinks and light snacks.


While on board the Sailfish you will be able to spread our very comfortably. There are 4 large bunks, 2 of which feature queen size beds. The other 2 bunks have an extra bed/storage area in the forward birth.

The salon offers a large galley to prepare foods and a roomy seating area to enjoy a meal or sit back and relax.

The cockpit has multiple seating areas for you and your guests.

The bow is notably the favorite spot for many and allows for you to stretch out as the wind whisks you away from land.

The Sailfish features ideal temperature control with 3 a/c and heater units that circulate through the vessel to make sure your stay aboard is comfortable in all weather.

Prior to Charter

We have a standard waiver that needs to be filled out prior to your journey with us. This can be done electronically through our website or when you board the Sailfish.

There is no required communication although it can be helpful to give us a call or text if you have any questions or concerns prior to your charter.

We are always happy to help make sure your experience exceeds your expectations so feel free to connect personally at any time.

(561) 801-0080

For most charters we pick our passengers up at the Harborage Yacht Club and Marina (SOUTH DOCK) which is located at 955 NW Flagler Ave Stuart FL 34994.

Some people have an easier time putting the Tide House restaurant into their GPS which is located at the North Dock. This is not where you will park however. If you choose this route you will need to drive south in the parking lot until you reach the South Dock.

We will meet you with a parking pass and lead you to the boat. There are carts available if needed to put your goodies in.

There are golf carts that run up and down the dock from 9am-5pm if anyone in your party has a difficult time walking.

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