Sailfish came with a West Marine 14.5′ RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) dinghy. It was in fair shape and came with a 20 hp Suzuki outboard. I thought of replacing it with a new Yamaha but decided why not try to get it fixed. It had been sitting for a year and the gas was bad so I rowed the boat about a mile to the closest dealer to service the motor. RIB’s often don’t row well but this one did, a good thing because it isn’t if the motor will quit, it is when. The dealer serviced the motor and filled the tank with new gas. I picked it up the dinghy with the motor running. I drove it back to the boat. A few days later my friend Tom and I decided to take it out for a spin. Five minutes from the dock the motor quit and wouldn’t restart. This time I conned Tom into rowing it to the dealer. A week later they said they tried everything and still couldn’t get it to start. Today I took possession of a brand new 15 HP electric start Yamaha.

With what I spend on trying to fix the Suzuki, I could have gotten the new motor at full retail price and had a couple of years gas paid for. Oh well, the new motor purrs like a kitten and the dealer is right next door. If you are looking for a new motor or to get your old Yamaha fixed, I highly recommend Central Marine of Stuart. Oh and they sell and service boats too!

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