This evening on board Sailfish we hosted a wonderful woman’s 75th birthday. Her guests were extremely nervous about sailing. When I met them in the parking lot, they told me they were uncertain about what to expect and hesitant to proceed. I reassured then everything would be fine, and they would have a good time. As we walked the dock to the boat their eyes widened as they looked upon their chariot for the evening. I welcomed them aboard and showed them around encouraging them to make themselves at home.  I could sense their nervousness about how wild a ride we would be taking them on. I shared with them the good news that catamarans are known for their stability.  Our guests settled themselves on the bow as we pulled off the dock. I could see the calm coming over them as we cruised down the river watching the dolphins playing along the hulls.  As the sun set our birthday girl of 74 wonderful years exclaimed this was the best birthday she ever had! She even sang to us as we came into the marina.  Once we docked, our guests were brought to tears as they shared how magical this experience was for them. The birthday girl said she had been on many boat charters in her life, and none had felt so safe, peaceful, exciting and wonderful as this was.  Naturally, the crew and I were very moved by their shared emotions.  We are thrilled that they are already planning a trip with us to the Bahamas or Dry Tortugas!  It gets me deep my soul watching our guests enjoy sailing with us and hearing them express the joy of their experiences with Stuart Sailing. This is why I am in LOVE with what I get to do being on board Sailfish. Erinn, Hostess and First Mate.    

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